Monday, March 26, 2012

I Eated It: Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant.

Cast your peepers over the below photos, all taken within the Sunshine branch of Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant. 

I am not as well versed on the smaller and more hidden yum cha venues on the West of Melbourne (if you happen to read this and know of any, tell me in the comments!), but this is by far some of the best yum cha I've actually had in Melbourne. I've been a few times, each time it was a Sunday, at around 11.30am. Always go early and book in advance, as when it hits the lunch time peak, it really fills up and you'll have to sit in a crowded waiting area for a table. It's a large venue, owned and operated by a group of yum cha chefs from Hong Kong. There are plenty of varieties of dim sum and assorted cooked items to choose from the loaded carts that are regularly pushed around the  dining room floor. Stand outs for me were the fresh Siu Mai, and the brilliant Tofu Fa dessert. Overall it's a tasty and not too expensive experience. If you live on the west side of Melbourne, and desire weekend yum cha, you'll be hard pressed to find better than this.

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