Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Eated It: Meetbowl.

Meetbowl - South Melbourne | Urbanspoon

Up above is a link to Urbanspoon's page on said foodery.

So yeah, I've been twice now. It's actually quite a tasty place, not the physical building mind you, but the food contained within it's walls. Indonesian is it's specialty, basic hawker style Indonesian food that warms the cockles of your heart and bowls. Provided on the table you will see a delightfully powerful chili sauce that's well worth plastering over each bite of Bakso Special (what I've had twice. I should try something different next time, and write about it, also remember to take some photos). A thing many westerners fail to realise, is that it is a simple eatery. It's not trying to produce fancy food, it's back street style, slap it together and quickly get it into the customers guts. But, all in all, I'll be going back again. It's close to my work, and because there are no good Malaysian food holes around, this is the closest I can get to real comfort food.

You can view some images on the Urbanspoon link above. I'm not going to post someone else's photos now am I. Or will I? Nah.

Decisions, decisions.

So, after much pondering and back and forth blatherings, I've decide to stay with Blogger as my blogging tool of choice. I began using Blogger back in the late to early 1980's and I then experimented with other services. Wordpress lasted around 10 minutes, but I had a liking for Tumblr that lasted for a lot longer than 10 minutes. Possibly it lasted for 10 minutes times by however many 10 minutes are needed to make a couple of years. That's a few 10 minutes. But I digress to regress back to my 1980's Blogger statement. It wasn't actually that year, but it was a long time ago that I messed around with Blogger. I even had it before I had my Gmail email, although I can't remember what I created or how to log into it. So yes. Please to read more stuff in the future if you may.

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