Monday, December 5, 2011

The Little Pleasures Of Life.

I am certain, that a vast majority of my generation went through the Snake phase. I was on the crest of the mobile phone wave, when the Nokia 3010 or something, I can't remember exactly, became popular and actually owning a mobile phone was becoming more and more common. I was going through a box of old computer gear and I sat down with a pile of unmarked CDs and went through them to determine wether or not I should bin them. One one CD I found some old photos from back when I was still in Tasmania. The above photo was a humorous find! Look at that score, I must have been beside myself with excitement for producing such an effort. I wager there are better scores out there in the world, but for me, this was an achievement worth taking a photo of. It reminds me of a simple time, when we had green and black screens and it suited us fine, and batteries lasted for a week, and not a single day, and when we had maybe 10 contacts in our phone and pretty much only called our parents. Simple times. Ah, the memories.

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